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Fluent In French in Four Weeks – Solo Edition


An exclusive opportunity to materialize your goal: Get Fluent in French.

For this unique and unbeattable offer (we mean it), you just need to follow the steps at your own pace. You’ll be amazed by your results when completing the final challenge..A toi de jouer!


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> This is an Exclusive Offer valid till March 19th!

The Solo Edition brings virtually the same content as the regular Edition while bringing more flexibility. You can complete the full program at your own pace with the certainty to boost your french skills:

Olivier is walking the walk and talking the talk with you throughout the course which consists of:

  • 28 readings: Get ready to experience the power of Reading Out Loud. You will gain confidence and fluency while nailing the pronunciation and mastering the vocabulary.
  • 28 Summaries: This daily segment of the program is all about conciseness and structure. Prepare yourself to be able to summarize any topic in less than one minute without having to reach for your words…There is more! You’ll also find actual summaries from FFF alumni…They did it and you’ll make it as well.
  • 6 Video Courses: We’ll be covering the very essential content you need to know to avoid major pitfalls in French
  • Our short movie: A proprietary content where your job will be to act as a French actor. 
  • Exercises & corrections: Very detailed corrections so that French conjugation & grammar finally become your allies.
  • Your Challenge: If you achieve this, you know you’re fluent!
  • Bonus #1: A glimpse on the exponential learning experience with our Private Group. Get ready to share your successes and leverage a higlly inspired and motivated community.
  • Bonus #2:  The Extra Boost. Consult directly with me for personalized feedback & support 

Only 20 tickets available!!!


It’s your time to reach your goal. It’s now time to get Fluent in French