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Olivia from the Netherlands

“C’était redoutable !”

Olivia needed to solidify her fluency in French mainly for professional reasons. After completing Fluent in French in Four weeks, she confidently puts her mastery of oral French to good use and demonstrates an infectious serenity. A compelling example that you can learn French fast…

At this stage, this may sound too good to be true. I want to (partially) share with you what’s behind my specific methodology and how enrolling with Fluent in French in Four weeks (FFF) is synonymous with success if you’re serious about getting fluent in French. Let’s now move to the detailed presentation.

How to learn French fast?

Perfectly prepared and ready to go from day one!

Cristina is a very dynamic executive working in Germany. She was assigned for a training in Paris and wanted to live the full experience “without the subtitles”. Thanks to Fluent in French in Four weeks, her Parisian colleagues did not hesitate to speak French to her from day #1.

Cristina from Spain

“Dès les premiers jours, mes collègues me parlent en français !”


It’s all about putting the pieces all together

First of all, I’m not going to enumerate all the many ways you can go through to learn French. I will rather give you the keys to quickly get up to speed, leverage the momentum and get fluent. Fluent in French in Four weeks’ approach uses these very fundamentals, which explains why this program systematically delivers on the promise. As you will discover, it’s more about mindset than about hard work… Let’s go!


#1. First, Be curious and willing to experiment   

It’s ok to make mistakes. Let me reformulate on a more radical approach:

  • > If you think you’re going to get it right from the beginning, think twice.
  • > If your teacher is too fast, too stressed and too furious when you make mistakes, change teacher.

Each new word, phrase or syntax construction should must be a pleasant discovery and learning a language should must be fun and exhilarating. Hence, do not get obsessed with trying to make it perfect from the first time. There will be trials, there will be errors. The right attitude consists in making sure that you understand and fill the gaps on a consistent basis. Last, learning French fast is not learning French hastily. Hence, trust the process with the certainty that your experiments will pay out.

#2. Second, Participate from day one

Our second tactic in response to the question “How to learn french fast” is participation. This is the easiest way to get feedback and confront your limitations (You have to “rentrer dans le dur”, like we say in French). A consistent participation will force you to internalize much faster while boosting your confidence. You therefore have to initiate the virtuous spiral of a smart and unbridled learning process.

A great tip in participating: adding value. The mere repetition of what has been already said is not enough. You’ll need to bounce back and further expand by bringing up another perspective or by elaborating on a specific topic. Is this a stretch? Sure!  Put it this way: you give yourself the opportunity to express your thoughts while developing an open-minded attitude. The results will speak for themselves.

#3. Third, Set a date and stick to it

Learning French is often a discontinuous process. You may have started at some point, then stopped and now would like to close this learning chapter. It’s ok!

Now that learning French is a clear and definitive goal, it is important to set a date. Which date? The date when you will speak with absolute ease and the sooner is the better right?! The big picture is essential to maintain your momentum, motivation and boost yourself when needed. Indeed, It is very easy to enroll for a program or buy a course and it’s even easier not to show up and practice according to the program. So watch out! If you do not stick to your objective, you can easily be distracted and lose focus, all the more that the vast majority of French courses loses sight of the accountability factor. Just like a New Year resolution, once the motivation’s gone, you may end up stuck with an idle investment. In conclusion, if you’re willing to learn french fast, do not forget to show up with an essential catalyst : your deadline.

#4. Fourth, Virtual French Immersion to the power of three

This is probably one of the most powerful levers you can use to figure out how to learn French fast.

Choose : 1)a French book or novel 2), a French movie or TV show and 3) a French song.

1)  By consistently reading the book, recording yourself reading it and testing it against the audio version, not only will you build a very solid vocabulary basis and enhance your pronunciation skills, you will also develop a very strong intimacy with the language.

2) TV shows or French movies are very immersive experiences. Use and abuse these resources.

3)The song will especially energize your flow and sharpen your understanding skills. Great exercise indeed.

Finally, let me show you the way with my recommendations:

  • For the book, I warmly recommend Germinal (Emile Zola) because of the precision in the vocabulary and the historical perspective. You will find the audio version here (pay attention as the reference to the e-book is also included) and the video streaming here
  • Je m’sens pas belle (2004; extract here) will be a real dissapointment if you’re into blockbusters à la Michael Bay. In this huis clos, two thirty-something colleagues learn to know each other.
  • As far as the song is concerned, I would go for a slow tempo with Jazz Mediterranée (Henri Salvador).

One last tip: Don’t force it! If you do not like the movie or the song, you can change anytime as having fun and enjoying the journey is as important as the result itself. So, make sure you like it before actually trying to practice. Enjoying the ride is also key to learn French fast. All right ?!

#5. Fifth, Make / Take it easy

Learning French must not be a tedious process. So how do you make your learning experience refreshing and captivating?

  • Carefully select your sources and methodology: The more you will be in tune with the approach you’ll have chosen, the faster the result will manifest. A warning though: Whatever method you choose, give it a sufficient, adequate and reasonable try to check if it’s a match for you. Otherwise, you may end up switching from trials to trials with no impact on your performance.
  • Make French part of your daily routine: Setting regular timeframes within the days will enable you to work and progress in a more structured manner than trying to work… when you have time.
  • Get rid of other “distractions”. At least during the duration of your training, you may want to consider (momentarily) abandoning some of your activities that may not be essential. The underlying idea here is to maximize focus, hence maximize inputs to mechanically maximize output. You’ll be amazed by your productivity and will inevitably learn French fast.

#6. Sixth, Invest wisely

Let me start here with a quote from Red Adair (famous American oil well firefighter): “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur” 

Caution: «  Si c’est gratuit, c’est toi le produit ! » (If it’s free, you’re the product) . A lot of free content (free French online course, free French online apps…) is available but watch out. If you expect to get feedback on your pronunciation or specific explanation on why to use “le” instead of “de” in a particular sentence, just…forget it!

Conversely, classrooms with fully and highly committed French teachers in an assigned timeframe with an intensive program will bring fast results. You’re indeed pretty sure to significantly increase your level of proficiency while living a great experience. This formula is therefore ideal if you wish to learn French fast and expect great value for money.

Last, money per se is not the only parameter to take into account as time shall be factored as well: definitely make sure you will dedicate the sufficient amount of time to accommodate the methodology you will have chosen. French will knock at your door everyday if you expect to learn french fast and I definitely encourage you to consider integrating the learning process in your daily routine. The tip here would be to make a swap: for the duration of the program, replace an activity that you’re currently performing within a particular timeframe on a daily basis, by the activities related to the program. I would advise focusing on the less value-adding activities (watching TV, commuting, washing dishes…) while reflecting on what you could temporarily not do for the duration of the program.

#7. Seventh, Make sure you get a guarantee

The online etymology dictionary says: “1670- guarantee (n.): person that gives security […] defender, protector…Hum. That’s interesting because this sounds just like a personalized support to me …If you’re seriously going to take French classes, make sure that the program includes a guarantee and that your commitment and efforts will necessarily materialize on your skills in French.

As an interim conclusion here, your own organization throughout the learning process will be a critical factor in efficiently connecting (the French) dots. Now, If you’re eager to get your learning experience on boosters, here’s what I recommend.


In section we will tackle 3 French acquisition  accelerators.So, if you plan to learn French fast, read carefully!

#1. Personalized support

If you’re serious about making significant progress, you need a personalized support: Someone who will guide and help you throughout the process, someone who cares about how quickly and effectively you will make it to fluency, someone you will be accountable to if things do not work as planned. You need a tutor who will protect you from taking bad habits in French, who will save your precious time through an effective teaching methodology, who will measure your progress and…excuse my French…kick your butt whenever necessary. We as human beings are lazy by nature and this measure will keep you alert and aware if ever your motivation starts blurring. A French native may bring you a more in-depth experience but do not be “over-dogmatic” about it as experts know their stuff and are focused on getting you there.

#2. Work with a team

This is the “One for All, All for One” mode. Teamwork is critical in getting big things done. Working alone and isolated is ok but what about working in a team that will consistently push you to step your game up every day? This is the best way to get more done when deadlines are challenging. A dedicated team aligned on a common objective will help you achieve much more than you would if you were working alone.  

Furthermore, teamwork is not only practical but also rewarding because you will support your teammates in their endeavor and you find yourself in a configuration that goes beyond your own personal and immediate needs.

Last, when factoring in the positive dynamics involved in a team configuration, you cannot deny the power of the exponential learning experience. Not only are you learning from your own mistakes and corrections, but you also have the capacity to absorb your teammates’ knowledge . As a consequence, you’re living a compound learning process thereby dramatically accelerateing your progess. Give it a try and make the “Learn French fast” anthem a reality! 

#3. Last, learn french from home

Online experiences are very convenient in that you do not need to abandon your family or leave the house. It’s just a matter of incorporating an extra time in your daily routine for a specific duration. If you carefully selected the program, there is no doubt that you can improve your french skills and get fluent without having to take specific vacations for that. Although this may sound counterintuitive, you will save time, money and potentially headaches in your relationships. Want to learn French fast?, go online!


Let’s now wrap it up with the most important ingredients in the success formula:

  • Your energy and enthusiasm
  • Your timeline (again, if you’re not specific about a date, you will end up “exploring” French and not mastering it)
  • The methodology

You’ll notice that the most prominent factors are internal ones, meaning that:

  • your appetite for French is key
  • you are fully responsible for the outcome and your job will be to keep the momentum

The last factor “methodology” shall not be disregarded and must be commensurate with your ambition.

So, there is absolutely no doubt that you can succeed in learning, thinking and speaking French. The main variable will be your attitude throughout the journey. Nourishing this attitude will not only take you to your immediate goal (speaking French), it will open many doors. I’ve indeed noticed a higher level of confidence among my students who now feel fully equipped to:

  • Leverage their newly acquired career asset
  • Learn other languages (if you can learn and speak French, that’s a solid basis for other roman languages in particular)
  • Take on new challenges. A virtual classroom can be the place to make new acquaintances, expand your horizons and develop new ideas not necessarily connected to French. (e.g starting an online business)
  • Get rid of “unfinished business”
  • And most importantly to connect with more people through a new perspective: the French prism. An enhanced perception of the world through a very different angle. French movies are revealing/telling examples as they somehow reflect French sensitivity: a subtle mix of passion (always), a skillfully maintained difference and an asserted rebellious mindset tinted with contradictions. That’s the irresistible charm!

This is just a glimpse on the benefits of learning and speaking French. At this point it’s up to you to write your story!


Nadia from Canada

  • Nadia from Canada
  • “Le cours m’a poussée à me dépasser”

Nadia takes care of English and French speaking customers in her company’s department. Thanks to the program, she now fearlessly caters to the French speaking clients and dares talking and mixing with the native French colleagues. More surprisingly, she even did not complete the full four weeks ! You need to check the results for yourself.  

Yes, learning to speak French and getting fluent with FFF will make you stretch. The rationale behind that is that my mission goes beyond preparing and presenting content and rules and then evaluating students’ performance versus such or such standards (no offense to the profession as I’ve learned English and Spanish myself thanks to exceptional teachers).

As a coach, I have a commitment towards my students’ success and expect a high level of accountability from their side. More, I help my students help themselves. Not only do I relentlessly help them master fluent French (this is my area of expertise), but I also show them that this experience is just an eye-opener on their talent and abilities to materialize their objective with an appropriate strategy. As highlighted in the presentation, all my students get fluent after completion of the course. In other words, enrolling with FFF leaves you with one(1) single option: success. This is not bragging at all, this is matching simply your expectations.  


  • Choose your session

  • Book your spot: Destination Fluency

  • Expect to trancend your limits


Olivier Malanda is the creator of Frenchusomuch and its signature course – FFF – Fluent in French in Four weeks. Olivier speaks French, English Spanish & Creole.

As a professional Project Manager, he has leveraged his strong organizational skills to develop a unique approach enabling students with bases to get Fluent in French in one month. Olivier was featured in Français Authentique.

The superior results of the Fluent in French in Four weeks program stems from an unwavering commitment backed with a personalized support throughout the session.